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Hugin DC


Will be ready for From 2025


The green choice of your classical motor yacht.


Hugin is a Nordic design, named after Odin’s Raven in Nordic mythology.

Hugin flew out every morning and always returned to safe harbour.

The name means thoughts and memories, which is our hope and belief that every customer will make some unforgettable memories onboard their new Hugin.


As a standard delivered with Rim Drive propulsion system, including steerable joystick, and Raymarine Yacht Sense Eco System.


Hugin’s special designed hull, with an integrated air system, makes your fuel/Batteries last longer. The air system lifts the hull about 15cm while sailing full speed.


The wooden hull is only made by certified wood. And gives you the classical look with a strong hull structure.


Length: 9,15m

Beam: 2,94m


Wooden Hull


Electric or conventional propulsion.

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