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References from previous projects

Over the years, we have specialized in renovating both sailing and motorized classic yachts. We always take pride in respecting the boat's history and at the same time bringing her into the modern age with all the comfort that is offered technologically. Here are a few of our renovations that we are proud of, and which are great examples of the craftsmanship we can offer.

Talisman luxury yacht from 1920

From 2019-2022 we have completely renovated the yacht Talisman from 1920. The task was: "Why build a new building and add more fiberglass to the ground, if you can get the same comfort, on board an existing classic yacht, and at the same time protect the  the environment." We achieved this by respecting the beautiful Abberking and Rasmussen construction while integrating full electronic installations on board , with an electric motor which also hydrogenates under sail, electric underfloor heating, as well as sails which consist of recycled plastic.

Saga Fjord
Saga Fjord

In 2020, we changed the deck on the Sagafjord ferry, which sails in the Roskilde fjord. Sagafjord was renovated with great respect for the environment which of course also included the wood we used. Here you can see the deck, bar, and ladder made of teak.

Georg Stage
George Stage

In 2017, we were part of the major total renovation of the School Ship Georg Stage, which was carried out at the Assens Værft. We changed the old deck, half deck, as well as the and lower decks . All decks were laid as a plank deck which were caulked and treated. It was a pleasure to partake in the preservation of a piece of Danish history which is subsequently used by young students, and which trains up to 60 of our indispensable Danish sailors tri-annually.

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