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Services and workshops

We do everything in boat building, as our multiple facilities and many workshops at the yard allow us  a wide range of capabilities. Read more about the various workshops below. You are of course also welcome to contact us by email or phone to hear more about what our services. 


Boat building

Our skilled boat builders deal with all wooden elements on board. Their tasks consist of changing planks, replacing tires, fitting work and planing round logs in collaboration with our sailmaker.

Whether it's larch for a small clinker-built dinghy or an oak plank for a three-masted schooner, teak for deck work, or mahogany for new cabins, we always attach great importance to the quality of the wood for various needs. Regardless of whether it is Danish or foreign types of wood, we always know exactly where the wood was felled and we are often in the forests where the wood originates.


Electrical workshop

We service instruments and help with both High and Low Volt specifications on board. We are especially experienced with Raymarine and their YachtSense system, which gives boat owners a modern "Smart Home" feeling on the water.


Mechanic &
Blacksmith workshop

Our blacksmith personally produces the small special stainless steel or brass fittings that are found on board. This is often done in collaboration with the mechanic for installing foundations or equipping our ships with comfort on board such as heating or a salt-water filtration system.

Mekaniker og smedie

Painting Workshop

Our painter works with Epifanes and Alexseal paint systems for painting the freeboard, cockpit, as well as for finishing all our repairs.


Winter storage

We have a 2700m2 hall at Marstal harbour reserved especially for boat storage. Our traverse and portal crane can lift the boats directly into the halls safetly. All rinsing takes place on our environmental grates, so we take good care of the water we love to sail in. In addition we provide, over bedding, hydraulic carriage, mast crane and mast storage.



Our sailmaker has many years of experience in classic sails and rigs. All finishing is hand-crafted and rigorously inspected.


Electric motors

We service and install electric motors from Vetus and Torqeedo. We have installed everything from small outboards with transportable batteries to large inboard systems with enough battery capacity for inland sailing, as well as enough to power the coffee machine. Many of our systems are equipped with solar panels and hydrogenation systems.


Model builder

For large restoration projects, we offer miniature ship models that are made in our ship model workshop. Here, the models are constructed in proportion to their original boat and executed with a focus on detail. 

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