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The driving force of the future

Torqeedo Electric motors

Torqeedo develops and manufactures electric and hybrid propulsion from 0.5 to 100 KW, for both the commercial and the private boat market. The company was founded in 2005 in Germany, and has now grown into one of the market leaders in sustainable electric mobility at sea, with direct sales, distribution and OEM partners in more than 100 countries worldwide. Torqeedo's products are known for their uncompromising high-tech focus, maximum efficiency and complete system integration. HCC Boatyard is the official dealer and partner of Torqeedo in Denmark


with HCC Boat yard 

HCC Boatyard is ready to realize your dreams of electrifying your boat. We sell and service Torqeedo's advanced e-mobility solutions here in Denmark and we have the status of preferred re-fit partner.

This means that the team at HCC is fully trained and certified to install, service and maintain all of Torqeedo's high-tech propulsion systems, this includes the powerful Deep Blue system. Among other things, we have installed .... the sailing ship Talisman during the total restoration of the ship. Here we have installed xxxkw batteries that can sail..... The ship's batteries are also charged via the screw when Talisman sails under sail.

Torqeedo Cruise

For boats up to 12 tons, the Torqeedo Cruise range of propulsion systems offers many of the same benefits as Deep Blue. These 24-Volt and 48-Volt systems are available in both outboard and inboard. They are powered by very high quality Lithium-ion batteries and a wide range of options are offered when it comes to charging, including land power, solar cells, hydrogenation and backup generator. 


Deep Blue

HCC has entered into a partnership with Torqeedo regarding electrification projects, because Deep Blue is more into just an electric motor with battery operation or a collection of parts. Instead, Deep Blue is the only fully integrated, modular and customizable propulsion and   energy management system on the maritime market today. This is important because system integration is the key to a safe, efficient and powerful electric propulsion system.

Industrially manufactured to meet the highest demands, this turnkey solution is available in outboard, inboard and as a sail drive in power classes from 25 KW to 100 KW.

Small Travel Motors

HCC offers Torqeedo's top selling range of outboard motors, the Travel 1103 and 603. Perfect for your tender, dinghy or day sailer, these quiet, clean and lightweight drives make sailing easy and worry-free in boats up to 2 tonnes. The Travel motors are the lightest in their class and boast a built-in computer with GPS, scanning range, charging status and more functions. 

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